Mr. Fry makes a valid point on the over-demonisation of swearing. What’s wrong with swearing? People use the word ‘fuck’ for emphasis all the time these days. “I fucking love you, man!” certainly does not mean ‘I love you so much I would like to perform depraved acts of buggery with you until the bed breaks’. It just mean ‘I love you’ but a lot.

Does it makes a difference if one says ‘Fish you!’ or ‘Fudge you’ or ‘Frusk you’ if they all mean it to be ‘Fuck’ but in the negative way we always associate with the word? Words are merely signs and they can mean many things depending on the context. One could say ‘I love you’ in a particular nasty spitting manner that would very well mean ‘fuck you’ as well.

It really doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it. And if anyone tells you otherwise you can tell them to ‘Stick it up their prime ministering pimp hole!!’


Joys of Swearing

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