Tom Hiddleston seems to be all the craze right now. I’ll admit he is a charming bloke. Listen to this poem by e.e. cummings, recited by Mr. Hiddleston before reading the next paragraph.

Often, teachers in school concentrate entirely on the meaning of the poem and ignore the nuance, rhythm and play on words. I believe, and this is what most people forget, is that poetry is meant to be read aloud. If you listen to a good poetry reading, you will catch the meaning of the poem through the tone, the little stops and pauses and the pitch.

A well read poem can delight the senses and make you view the poem in a way you never did studying it in the classroom.

e.e. cummings poem ‘May I feel said he’ is all about innuendo. But more than that, it’s about relationships; a man and woman embarking on a one night fling or the beginning of an affair. It’s about sensuality and love; the man and woman have different ideas about love.

‘may i stay said he, which way said she.’
‘may I move said he, it is love said she’

and the last line…..
‘you’re divine said he, you are mine said she’

They seem to be wanting different things. It makes one wonder; what is love? How is it perceived? How is it expressed?

There is always so much more to a poem once you’ve heard how it is read and a different reading will lend a different meaning. This could be a fun and sensual poem or it could be a love affair that would end too soon.


Spoken Words

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