This I think was an immensely popular show during the 1980s. Though one may say Mind Your English was filled with stereotypes, well, stereotypes always bear some sort of truth. It’s delightful to nod along and laugh at ourselves. So enjoy. All episodes are up on youtube.


Mind your Language


a lot of foreign speakers struggle with English. Let’s face it, it’s a complicated language. These are a few sites that are interesting and aim to improve the language of ESL speakers through a series of listening and speaking exercises.

Are we talking too much?

These days it seems everyone has an opinion on something and would love to share it with everyone else. Freedom of speech, you cry. As much as someone has the freedom to talk, we have the freedom not to listen.

We talk too much. This is true. We complain, we blame, we snark, we dither, we wag our tongues like there is no tomorrow. We talk, speak, babble, mutter, stutter but we don’t really have anything to say. And when the moment comes when we should speak up, silence wraps around the room like a cold blanket over a fire.

We speak when  we actually have nothing to say. It seems we have forgotten the importance of speaking with clarity, with functionality and with thought.  Yes, language is a means of expression but let us appreciate silence when necessary and speak only when there is something to be said.

Here’s an interesting article that puts things in perspective much more elegantly than me

Just found a really interesting video on how the internet changes the way we think. I can’t really disagree with Mr. Carr. We do lose certain abilities – memory, contemplativeness, attention span – but is it really a bad thing? we are adapting to the technology around us. And certainly one use of technology is to help us remember, record and keep things better.

Does the Internet affect your ability to THINK? Maybe….